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Recycling In Watauga County

Everything You Need To Know All information found in Watauga County recycling guidelines What Can’t Be Recycled? Wire Fences Propane Tanks Aerosol Cans Liquids &

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Seven Reasons To Recycle

By Robert H Grigg & Benjamin Forcier Thanks to extensive marketing efforts over the years, plenty of people know that recycling is a greatly beneficial

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Out with the Old Electronics

By Robert Grigg & Benjamin Forcier As time flies by, things tend to change, and this is especially true for electronics. Whether it’s broken down,

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Think of the Animals

By Robert Grigg As trash continues to be collected, it continues to be taken somewhere. Of the 250 million tons of trash discarded by Americans

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How Are Things Recycled?

By Robert Grigg People are well aware that you should recycle more often than not, but many don’t quite know the process in which their

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Paper or Plastic?

By Robert Grigg & Benjamin Forcier For years, this question has plagued the minds of grocery shoppers everywhere. Without a reusable bag, shoppers must choose

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