Vixster is a waste and recycling collection service that provides weekly pickup for customers who have to take care of their waste and recycling themselves. Vixster was founded in February of 2016 by Zak Ammar.

Noticing a critical need for more trash and recycling services in the High Country and surrounding areas, Zak set out to design a way in which community members who did not have access to city trash and recycling pickups could enjoy the convenience of reliable curbside pickup at competitive and affordable prices.

Rural residents struggle with finding the time and ability to transport their own trash and recycling to convenience centers. Convenience centers are often called “inconvenient,” but act as centralized locations for rural residents to dispose of their waste. Vixster is the solution to this problem; offering weekly trash and recycling collection pickup to residents all over rural America. 



FOUNDER & CEO – As Founder & CEO, Zak executes all of Vixster’s core business functions. Zak received his MBA – Supply Chain Management at Appalachian State University. His skillset includes leadership, financial analysis, logistics, sales, and project management. Zak’s passion and vision is to revolutionize the waste & recycling industry, and to reduce the overall amount of recyclable material in our landfills. Apart from Vixster, he enjoys spending time with family, playing music, cooking, and raising chickens.


PARTNER & CFO – As partner and CFO, Paul performs forecasting, budgeting, and financial analysis activities. He also works behind the scenes with Vixster to manage routes, invoicing, and daily pickups. Paul worked for 7 years at Bank of America and received his Bachelors from Appalachian State University.


ADVISOR & PARTNER – As Advisor to the CEO, Aaron’s focus at Vixster is business strategy analysis, product development and risk management. Aaron co-founded and operates SPA Properties, and is a Partner at Y-Risk. Prior to this role, he was Head of Risk Aggregation & Analytics at XL Catlin. Aaron earned his degrees in Risk Management & Insurance and Finance & Banking while playing college soccer at Appalachian State University. Aaron is a professional performance coach who enjoys spending time with his family, and dog – Zane.

Meet Our Haulers

Our haulers are members of the community who wish to supplement their income by providing trash and recycling services through Vixster’s web-based network. Vixster haulers are friends, neighbors, moms, dads, students, and long-time local residents who meet Vixster qualifications to provide this service. To be able to drive for Vixster, our drivers undergo a screening process which ensures that they are operating in safe state inspected vehicles and have clean driving backgrounds.

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