Seven Reasons To Recycle

By Robert H Grigg & Benjamin Forcier

Thanks to extensive marketing efforts over the years, plenty of people know that recycling is a greatly beneficial act, and many perform it, too. However, besides generic statements of “protecting the environment,” many still do not know what recycling can specifically bring to the table. As detailed by the United States EPA, here are seven of the most noticeable benefits of recycling:

  1. Reduces waste sent to landfills and incinerators (less burned materials means less pollutants released into the air)(Link to blog about trash burning?)
  2. Conserves natural resources (cut back on harvesting things like wood, water, or fossil fuels)
  3. Reduces the need to collect new raw materials (machinery and vehicles are needed to harvest and transport materials, burning fossil fuels in the process)
  4. By making recycled materials more common, sustainable goods made out of those materials will become more affordable.
  5. Reduces greenhouse gas emissions and saves energy
  6. Helps sustain the environment for future generations (saving resources and lowering pollution)
  7. Creates jobs in the recycling and manufacturing industries (people are needed to work in recycling plant as well as the product plants that use the recycled materials)

If you wish to learn more about recycling in general, please visit on the EPA website, or feel free to look up articles on your own.