Become A Garbage Day Master With These Tips

By Benjamin Forcier

Let’s face it…dealing with trash stinks. Making a few changes to your routine can make it monumentally easier, saving you from smells, messes, and those little things that can really grind your gears.

Liquid Protection Made Simple

Seeping smelly liquids can be a nightmare when it’s time for the bag to come out of the can. Adding a handful of cat litter and a couple sheets of a newspaper to the bottom of your can and new bags will make your Kitchen trash-can leak, liquid and smell-resistant. Because nobody enjoys dealing with garbage juices.

Stubborn Trash-can Suction Can be Beat

It’s happened to everybody: you pull your bag out of the trash bin and the whole can comes up with it, followed an embarassingly awkward wrestling match between you and a trash-can. Show that pesky conundrum who’s boss and drill a couple small holes at the bottom of your bin to beat the suction and protect your pride from garbage receptacles.

Water Filling Up Your Outdoor Bins?

Chore-doing teenagers and husbands everywhere dread the weekly trash haul when collection day rolls around. Going to take out the trash to find a garbage bin full of rainwater can be a real niusance. Drill some drain holes in the very bottom of the can to solve the problem and prevent any unnecessary surprises.

Use Clips and Hooks for Stubborn, Slipping Bags

If you’ve ever had to reach into a trash can to pull out the top of a trash bag that refuses to stay in place, you’ll be as delighted as I was to learn about a simple fix. To stabilize your trash bag/ trash-can relationship, use some adhesive hooks to hold drawstrings in place and a couple binder clips for bags that dont exactly fit the can.

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