What Is Vixster?

Vixster is a trash and recycling service company that provides a peer-to-peer waste removal service for commercial and residential customers on-demand or by subscription.

Here at Vixster, customers create an account to request to have their trash and recycling removed. Vixster addresses the rural waste management challenge by linking waste producers with reliable community workers willing to remove it.

Vixster serves the Western North Carolina High Country, including Boone, Blowing Rock, Banner Elk, Valle Crucis, and other rural areas in Watauga County. We offer trash and recycling removal, junk hauling, and waste management services that fit your schedule, where and when you need it.

We want to give back to the community that has helped us thrive. As such, 5% of our profits goes to a sustainability cause in the community. Not only do we serve the High Country, we want to help keep it beautiful.



Where do the 5% sustainability effort proceeds go?

Every six months, Vixster invests the proceeds into community projects that are geared toward reducing the overall amount of wastes and recyclables in High Country landfills.


Do I have to use Vixster trash bins/recycling totes?

No. You do not have to use our bins and totes. We actually prefer and strongly recommend that you use your own bins and totes. By using what you already have, you can help reduce the carbon footprint in the High Country! Visit our FAQ page for bin and tote options.


Why is trash pickup the same price as trash and recycling pickup?

Trash pickup is the same price as trash and recycling pickup to promote recycling and sustainability efforts in our community.


What can I recycle?

paper, plastic, aluminum/tin, green glass, clear glass, brown glass, and cardboard

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