Out with the Old Electronics

By Robert Grigg & Benjamin Forcier

As time flies by, things tend to change, and this is especially true for electronics. Whether it’s broken down, too slow, or simply not satisfying its user’s needs, electronic equipment often needs to be replaced. However, there tends to be a fair amount of confusion regarding what to do with old devices. Things like toasters or hair dryers can relatively easily be gifted or handed down to someone who doesn’t have such devices, but computing electronics like smartphones or laptops are more difficult things to handle.

Simply throwing away what was often expensive stuff is a hard task, but at the same time, you can’t keep stockpiling a hoard of out-of-commission devices indefinitely and trying to make sure your stuff is going to the right place becomes a more draining task than it should be. Find a receptacle at nearby universities and supermarkets or ask a local electronics shop if they want it – they will most likely be glad to take it off your hands. Or you can find a certified electronics recycler closest to you on this map at SustainableElectronics.org.

While the best option would be to give your devices to a certified, reputable electronics recycling company, for many people, especially those in rural areas, sometimes this is just not possible. Vixster will handle electronics upon request for times when other avenues of disposal are unattainable. Schedule a pickup time and get a free quote on collection by calling our team at 828-263-4276 (extension #3).