Recycling In Watauga County

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Everything You Need To Know All information found in Watauga County recycling guidelines What Can’t Be Recycled? Wire Fences Propane Tanks Aerosol Cans Liquids & Foods Medical Waste Clothing Treated wood Plastic Shopping Bags (Can be recycled at all grocery stores) Compost Used napkins, paper towels, tissues Items coated in plastic/ wax Water hoses Window […]

Wasting Away – How Much Trash do You Produce?

By Robert Grigg Think twice about how much you consume or what you’re consuming. According to Duke University, the average person tosses around four pounds of trash, and about half of the 220 million tons of the stuff produced nationwide end up in our landfills, producing huge amounts of methane emissions while the garbage rots. […]

Trash to Gas: Landfills Aren’t the End of the World

By Robert Grigg While the ever-increasing number and size of landfills are certainly problems that shouldn’t be perpetuated, your trash isn’t necessarily just a useless environmental hazard. Due to the nature of how things decompose, landfill gas (LFG) is emitted from these large trash piles. Composed of 50% methane and 50% CO2, landfills can provide […]

Become A Garbage Day Master With These Tips

By Benjamin Forcier Let’s face it…dealing with trash stinks. Making a few changes to your routine can make it monumentally easier, saving you from smells, messes, and those little things that can really grind your gears. Liquid Protection Made Simple Seeping smelly liquids can be a nightmare when it’s time for the bag to come […]

Seven Reasons To Recycle

By Robert H Grigg & Benjamin Forcier Thanks to extensive marketing efforts over the years, plenty of people know that recycling is a greatly beneficial act, and many perform it, too. However, besides generic statements of “protecting the environment,” many still do not know what recycling can specifically bring to the table. As detailed by […]

Reduce and Reuse: Cutting out plastic water bottles

By Robert Grigg Plastic water bottles are a fairly popular product, especially in the Americas. It’s understandable why, too: they’re portable, already filled, cold, and often filtered. The convenience they provide is great, however, the environment isn’t so fond of them. These commodities produce a huge amount of waste, with America alone using 50 billion […]

Out with the Old Electronics

By Robert Grigg & Benjamin Forcier As time flies by, things tend to change, and this is especially true for electronics. Whether it’s broken down, too slow, or simply not satisfying its user’s needs, electronic equipment often needs to be replaced. However, there tends to be a fair amount of confusion regarding what to do […]

Think of the Animals

By Robert Grigg As trash continues to be collected, it continues to be taken somewhere. Of the 250 million tons of trash discarded by Americans each year, plenty of it unfortunately finds its way into the habitat of wild animals. Not only does poorly discarded garbage attract animals to areas often times far more dangerous […]

How Are Things Recycled?

By Robert Grigg People are well aware that you should recycle more often than not, but many don’t quite know the process in which their recyclables are repurposed. Let’s explore what happens after we take your paper, glass, and plastic waste to the proper facilities. PAPER and CARDBOARD: Collection and separation of papers Pulping (paper […]

Paper or Plastic?

By Robert Grigg & Benjamin Forcier For years, this question has plagued the minds of grocery shoppers everywhere. Without a reusable bag, shoppers must choose from one of two evils but the choice isn’t as clear as it seems. First off, both bag types must be manufactured and require transportation, already putting a hefty carbon […]