What Is Hazardous Waste?

By Benjamin Forcier Hazardous waste is dfined by the EPA as waste with properties that make it dangerous or capable of having a harmful effect on human health or the environment. Hazardous waste can take many forms and is produced from an array of sources. Knowing what constitutes hazardous waste and how to dispose of […]

Reducing Waste in the Yard

By Robert Grigg & Benjamin Forcier As temperatures rise and springtime ushers in nature’s beauty, the garden is calling out to you. Putting in a little bit of hard work and time can result in having one’s own personal grocery store right outside-or possibly even inside- their home. The yard is also beckoning for some […]

Spurring Your Community in Recycling Efforts

By Robert Grigg & Benjamin Forcier People don’t always do what they know is the right thing; eating healthy, stretching daily, and getting enough sleep every night are among the concepts that we are so familiar with, that we lose sight of all the benefits and great things they provide. Recycling is one of these […]

Composing Compost: Surprising Do’s and Don’ts

By Robert Grigg & Benjamin Forcier With the seasons’ lawn care or gardening efforts potentially underway, another great step to reduce waste is to compost it. Practicing composting will not only prevent filling up trash & recycling bins too quickly, but it will provide your lawn & garden with a natural fertilizer that improves growth, […]

Don’t Buy-n-Burn!

By Robert Grigg & Benjamin Forcier Unfortunately for many people, especially in rural zones, trash and recycling services do not operate with full coverage. Due to this, driving a long way out to dispose of trash and recyclables rapidly becomes unviable, leading many to burn their trash with few other options available. However, despite what […]