Spurring Your Community in Recycling Efforts

By Robert Grigg & Benjamin Forcier

People don’t always do what they know is the right thing; eating healthy, stretching daily, and getting enough sleep every night are among the concepts that we are so familiar with, that we lose sight of all the benefits and great things they provide. Recycling is one of these concepts, yet gets ignored even more frequently because we don’t directly feel personal benefits from recycling; the Earth does.

While people know about recycling, and what it provides for the planet- often times they can become passive or forgetful without reminders. This is why you should strive to help aid your community’s recycling efforts, bring awareness to those around you, and spur those people into adopting good recycling habits. Below are some ideas and tips to use when planning things out.

  • Lead by example – do some recycling yourself
  • Educate others and yourself about the process
  • Make recycling cans more readily available than normal trash bins
  • Post eye-catching fliers around in visible spots where people frequent
  • Speak to others directly about recycling
  • Consult the local community or municipality to create drop-offs and special events
  • Volunteer at early grade schools to help educate younger kids early

Of course, these aren’t the only options available, but it’s a good start for those wanting to improve their community. Feel free to look up more ways and guides on how to increase recycling efforts on your own or consult local experts on the matter. We at Vixster seeks to promote more sustainable efforts, and recycling is a great start.