Don’t Buy-n-Burn!

By Robert Grigg & Benjamin Forcier

Unfortunately for many people, especially in rural zones, trash and recycling services do not operate with full coverage. Due to this, driving a long way out to dispose of trash and recyclables rapidly becomes unviable, leading many to burn their trash with few other options available. However, despite what some may think, burning trash does not simply remove the problem, and actually endangers those performing it.

Not only are the fumes and gasses released from the burned materials harmful for the environment, but their toxicity can also heavily impact nearby wildlife inhaling the smoke. In addition to this, in many of the places Vixster operates, forest fires have recently been a fairly large problem, so a third layer of danger is added to the use of flame-bound disposal. Some sources estimate that 40% of all waste produced globally is disposed of by burning, resulting in the release of several dangerous pollutants. These pollutants make up a great portion of annual emmisions and can cause cancer, produce smog, and damage neighborhoods and ecosystems. Pullutants emitted from burning garbage include:

  • Carbon (5% of annual total)
  • Small Particulate matter (29% of annual total)
  • Murcury (10% of annual total)
  • Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (40% of annual total)

While still a viable solution for other problems – lighting it on fire is NOT the best solution for our garbage problem. Help us fight this pollution by prioritizing zero-waste practices such as recycling, reducing, and composting.

We at Vixster hope that by offering an affordable and accessible service, we can help cut down on these harmful practices. For more information, feel free to visit or other sources at your leisure.