Are your drivers insured?

Yes, our drivers are fully insured with their own auto coverage. Vixster and all other risks pertaining to Vixster are fully insured and covered. Our drivers are vetted with background checks, motor vehicle reports, and many other criteria to ensure they are qualified for the job.


Does Vixster store my credit card information?

No. Vixster does not store any of your credit card information. Your payment information will be processed only by Stripe- a widely trusted and secure online payment processor.


What do I do if I have Miscellaneous or Hazardous waste? What types of items will you accept?

We will accept almost anything! If you have hazardous waste or miscellaneous items, please contact us here: https://vixster.com/contact and we will respond with a quote. After reviewing the quote, if you choose to move forward with our services, you will be invoiced by Vixster through the email address that you provided.


If I have a subscription, is there a limit to the number of bags Vixster will collect each week?

Yes. We will collect up to eight bags of trash or recycling per week for subscriptions that require weekly pickups. Bi-weekly subscriptions are also limited to eight bags of trash or recycling per pickup.


What do I need to do to get my trash and recycling ready for pickup?

Please be sure to bag all trash and recycling! Clearly separate trash from recycling. Recycling can be placed in a recycling tote. If you do not have a tote, then please be sure that recycling is clearly marked. If you have a rolling bin, place trash in rolling bin at the end of your road/driveway. If you are not able to place trash and recycling at the end of your road or driveway, please indicate in the “notes” section (on registration form)


Why is trash pickup the same price as trash and recycling pickup?

Trash pickup is the same price as trash and recycling pickup to promote recycling and sustainability efforts in our community.


Do I need to sort my own recycling?

Sorted recycling makes the job safe and easy for our drivers. We require that recycling be sorted before our driver arrives to collect your items.

Recycling may include: paper, plastic, aluminum/tin, green glass, clear glass, brown glass, and cardboard


Do I have to use Vixster trash bins/recycling totes?

No. You do not have to use our bins and totes. We actually prefer and strongly recommend that you use your own bins and totes. By using what you already have, you can help reduce the carbon footprint in the High Country! Your options for bins/totes are as follows:

  1. You can use your own trash bin and recycling bin. (Highly recommended/preferred).

  2. You can purchase bins from Vixster, and we will deliver them to you. (Please indicate desire to purchase in contact form).

  3. *Note- You can get a free recycling bin from the waste and sanitation transfer station on Landfill Road!


What are Watauga County's Recycling Regulations?

Check out the regulations here!"