What is Vixster?

Vixster is an on-demand trash and recycling service that connects drivers in the community with other community members who are in need of trash and recycling pickups. Vixster offers both one-time pickups and subscription pickups in which subscribers can choose to utilize Vixster’s services monthly, bi-annually, or annually. Trash and recyclables are collected by community members who receive compensation for providing this service.

Vixster was founded in February of 2016 by Zak Ammar. Noticing a critical need for more trash and recycling services in the High Country and surrounding areas, Zak set out to design a way in which community members who did not have access to city trash and recycling pickups could enjoy the convenience of curb-side pickup at competitive and affordable prices.

All services can either be one-time pickups or subscription pickups. Subscriptions can run monthly, bi-annually, or annually. See “pricing” page for more details about one-time pickup pricing and subscription pricing.

Why is Vixster Important for Our Community?

What makes Vixster so important for our area is the general lack of trash and recycling services available in Watauga County and the surrounding towns and counties. Many difficult-to-reach residences do not have the convenience of city trash and recycling pickup, and recycling is often excluded from usual city services as well. With only ten convenience centers in Watauga County, many residents struggle with the “inconvenience” of finding the time and ability to transport their own trash and recycling to one of these stations. Vixster is the solution to this problem; offering on-demand or weekly, affordable, and flexible pickups at the click of a button.